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  • 産品名稱: 電加熱鍋爐
  • 産品分類: 熱水鍋爐
  • 公司名稱: AG美女打格斗游戏
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1、以電為加熱源,能效高達 98%以上。
3、熱交換器采用優質不鏽鋼材料,一次性注入的熱媒水在封閉狀态下運行,無腐蝕、不結垢,使其使用壽命比普通鍋爐多二倍左右,達 20 年之久。
8、觸摸屏星示,虛拟按鍵、中文及圖形量示系統工況、在線操作指南、故障自診斷、全自動運行加手動操作, 可一用一備,實現人機對話。

1、With electricity as heating source,hlSh efficiency of more than 98%
2、The unit operates ln vacuum The heat media ls under vacuum condition with no danger of expansion or explosion The boiler also stOres constant heat—media water wlthOut danger to burn Out There are many seIf prOtectlon lnsta¨atlOns wIth un matchabIe safety features by other boI ers
3、The heat exchange machines uses stainless steel material for the heat—mediaO Operate under c1osed space Under hlgh temperature.there 1s nO rustIng,no furrlng to prOIOng the 1lfe Of the boiler,aImo8t twlce as the nOrmaI bo|1er8, makIng lt aIrnost 2o years
4、Heat exchange machme and cOllection machlne are separate Warm water and clean hOt water bearlng can be alternated based on needs to satisfy different needs from the customers for guarantee of the cleannes8 and stabl ltv Of hot water
5、Module design,high duality heat exchange compoffents,and the unlt buk ls smail Ailthese made transDOrtatlon and lnstailatlon easy In a sma I space.many units can be used together
6、Utilizing high functional burner with circulating flame structure design to completely burn the fuel Various environmental IndiCators reach the natlona standards Of travel zOne exhaustlOn
7、The unlt operates under vacuum conditions.eliminating the reporting for inspection for pressured vessels There ls nO annua nspectlon needed,and nO specIaI permlt ls needfor operation
8、Touch—screen display.simulated buttons.with Chinese and pictured display operating conditions,online operating manual autOmatlc fallure detectIOn.and autOmatIc oDeratlOn and manual oDeratlOn are bOth aval abIe True dlaIOgue between peOple and machine is possible
Electric heating vacuum hot water boiler technology parameters

說明 1、表中數據及圖片僅供參考,産品以實物為準,如因改型而變更恕不另行通知;2、預制、預留及鍋爐房設計前聯系确認有關數據 . Instructions: 1. The data and pictures in the table are for reference only. The product is subject to the object, such as change due to change without notice; 2, prefabrication, reservation and before the design of the boiler room.

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